Interaction Design, Digital Publishing, Visual Storytelling, Design Thinking

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I am a designer

I obsessively organize, categorize, and document. I never go anywhere without my moleskin and a sharpie. I sweat the details, but I also know the importance of keeping the whole picture in mind. I see problems as opportunities to find creative, human-centered, experience-focused solutions. I believe that empathy, observation, and creativity are the keys to those solutions.

I believe that design is not a series of static deliverables, but a living, breathing process of immersive research, experiential discovery, and the creation of meaningful experiences that make people's lives better.

The recipe for effective design is one part art, one part science, and a dash of serendipity. I believe that qualitative and quantitative, generative and evaluative, are not mutually exclusive, they are symbiotic. I know that a designer works best in an environment with limited structure, trust, and collaboration.

Design is poetry, palimpsest: simplicity at first glance neatly conceals an abundance of complexity beneath the surface. Design is facilitation and omniscient narration.

Design is creating meaning out of the chaos and vicissitudes of human experience.

The digital publishing landscape is changing, and so are the devices we use to consume and produce information. It is time to leverage ubiquitous computing, re-envision the interface, and follow empathy-driven design principles that combine the simple pleasure of reading with the complexity of rhetoric and narrative. It is time to move beyond the page and embrace the opportunity to create beautiful, holistic, and innovative digital reading experiences.

My passions include:

  • interaction design
  • information architecture
  • content strategy
  • digital editing and publishing
  • mobile apps
  • reading platforms
  • design for digital books